A Golden Ticket of Opportunity

Advertising, oh, advertising.  It’s a magical world filled with easy tasks, early nights and endless parties.  It’s a paradise where everyone is a friend and the going never gets tough.  Ha!  What a lie!  The world of advertising is totally cutthroat, full of late nights at the office and the parties are often missed due to unforeseen deadlines.

Breaking your way into the advertising world - not exactly the easiest task.  The cold calls, the mock ups of multi-media campaign ideas and the slew of other people scrambling for the same job that should be yours!  You see, fair reader, you are not alone in the frustration and anxiety that consumes you when you’re applying for jobs you fear you just aren’t qualified for.  It happens to the best of us.  No, seriously, the best of us.

If we cast our minds back to a young Chester Goluch, he too was like many other eager creatives.  Fresh out of school, in the big city, with one single contact in the industry.  He went on those cold calls and made a portfolio out of nothing at all.  As luck would have it, he broke through and made it past the wall.  Luck really had nothing to do with it.  His creative skills and talent in writing spoke volumes for his potential.

That whole luck part is really where the Creative Challenge comes into play.  The entrants of the Chester + Company Creative Challenge are a lucky bunch.  Being granted a line bypass, to get beyond the masses of eager young professionals could seriously be a golden ticket of opportunity.  The world is your oyster and it’s within reach.  Just be sure it’s a real bitchin application to the Challenge!