Halifax Pride Kickoff: Better Together!


I’d like to start with late hello to the lovely month of July.  What have we seen so far?  Some rain, some oddly chilly days, met with some real gorgeous one.  People are clamoring to the beach (weather permitting) every chance they get and the smell of barbequing food is in the air, even when it’s a little gloomy.  Embrace the month while you can, that’s what I say.  What else has July brought to us?  Oh right!  Pride!

Halifax Pride week is kicking off today and the city is in store for some pretty fun times.  But, let’s be real here, Pride is not just a big celebration of fun and parties in the sun.  It’s a call for equality and action by the LGBTQ community.  The events span from the educational to raucous dance parties, because let’s face it, learning can be a very good inspiration to go out for a good night on the town.

The Pride Guide is out and I’m sure you’ve seen it popping up around the city and wouldn’t you know it, our own Matt Mackay was the lead designer behind the beautiful theme for the guide.  Naturally drawn towards the more abstract and creative, Mackay was thrilled when Pride Halifax chose his design with a clean black background rather than the so often seen traditional Pride flag.  The genius logo for Better Together came simply to a talent like Mackay.  It’s the smooth connection of the letters and juxtaposition of their clean lines laid on top of the bleeding colours that make the design work so well.

The real genius of Better Together is its message.  You might assume it is only referring to the strong bonds formed within the LGBTQ community.  But, then you’d be wrong.  It refers to the bond of the entire city and all the people within it.  Because really, everything is Better Together.  

Happy Pride everyone!