Creative that excites, delights and connects with client target groups.  That’s our mantra at the agency.  So it’s icing on the cake that we also excited, delighted and connected with the judges at this year’s ICE Awards, Atlantic Canada’s celebration of great marketing creative.
            Thank you for honouring C+C with 11 awards, the most of any Nova Scotia agency. Thank you to clients who demand exceptional work.  Thank you to the C+C agency teams who make it happen. 
            “The recognition at the ICE Awards is a testament to our commitment and belief in this region,” says Anthony Taaffe, Creative Director.  “Not only do we love the fact that we’re from the East Coast, but we also have the talent and ideas to show that great work can come from here. ”
            Check out what he means below.

C+C Make the News With “Know When to Stop” Campaign

Chester + Company’s playful “Know When to Stop” campaign for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week made the news this morning with a full segment on Global’s The Morning Show.
Julia Blakeney and Anna Polatschek from Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation chatted with host Paul Brothers about the campaign and put his responsible gambling knowledge to the test using an iPad app built by the team at C+C.
Check out the clip below and let us know if you’ve seen our ads around town!

The 2013 Toyota RAV4 Crossover

The Toyota RAV4 invented the SUV category.  Well, the bar just got raised.  The new RAV4 is here.
             Let’s talk about the look.  Gone are the conservative designs of the past.  Toyota’s ushered in formed headlights and taillights, with sweeping lines that are reminiscent of the RAV4’s cool cousin, the Highlander. 
             Remember the spare tire on the back of the car? Gone. It’s now underneath the rear cargo area, allowing for a remote controlled hatchback.  Inside, it’s roomy enough for a size XXL to travel in comfort.
             Also, say goodbye to the V6 engine.  Toyota has replaced it with 2.5L four.  An engine that’s more fuel-efficient yet…delivers a powerful cruising experience.
            One thing you’ll definitely like: on average, there is more than thousand dollars worth of cool equipment added to the standard list— without any change to the MSRP.
             Seeing is believing.  So is driving.  If I had a driver’s license, you know that’s what I’d be doing.  But I don’t—and that’s a whole other story ;)

Superbowl. TV Advertising VS Twitter

So who wached the Superbowl? Were you watching for the game, the TV
ads or Beyoncé. Now tell me: Did you catch the 33-minute blackout?
In the age of social media what do people instinctively turn to in a situation like this?  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram.
            Generally the buzz after the Bowl is all about the great TV ads. This
year it was a different story. Sure there were some amazing TV spots,
but a rather cheeky well-timed Oreo ad that was tweeted during the blackout stole the show.
            Other brands quickly followed suit.  Audi tweeted an offer of LEDs to the Superdome.  Tide could get your stains out, but not your blackout.  Oreo’s 16,000 retweets speak for themselves, though. The client and ad agency team was watching the game together and their forward thinking pulled it all together in real-time.  Exactly the timing social media users crave.
            Is this a sign of a shift in advertising during major television events?  Are companies going to jump ship on buying airtime and opt for using social media to effectively reach the masses?  The Oacars are in just 19 days, so I guess we’ll see.

The Paul O’Regan Hall in the New Library

On December 13, the O’Regan’s Automotive Group generously donated 1 million dollars to the new Halifax Public Library in memory of Paul O’Regan.  A wonderful legacy for a man who had a life-long passion for learning.

I know this because I spent a whole afternoon with Paul, just him and me.  Our agency had won the O’Regan’s ad account a few months before.  I believe he wanted to “brief” me on O’Regan’s values.

Paul talked about caring not only for people but also your community, the arts, education, health, wherever you think you can make a difference. He talked about sharing, especially sharing success.  It makes everyone better.  Most of all, Paul talked about learning, new things, new ideas, best business practices, new people, you name it.  Paul was fascinated with education.


It was a great conversation.  It’s why I can’t think of anything more appropriate than  to see his name inscribed in the new library’s performance space.  The Paul O’Regan Hall. 

-Chester Goluch