You Can Get Anything on the Internet.

As long as someone is talking about you, you’re obviously somewhat important.  This phrase has become quite literal as of late.  When looking for the next singing sensation, nobody would have dreamt crooning teens would be discovered on, of all places, YouTube.  The fact of the matter is putting a video online can create stardom overnight.  We are living in the age of the Internet Celebrity.

Because the internet is so diverse in content, it gives people a chance to showcase pretty much every talent imaginable.  Blogging, art, video, singing, or just a highly opinionated rant can draw attention from thousands of internet users who have nothing better to do.

In 2005, Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. started a blog all about the comings and goings of celebrity life.  After a dispute about the name he renamed the blog, and himself, Perez Hilton and history was made.  He and his blog became notorious in Hollywood.  Stars feared him, for the usual gossip related issues, but also for his, sometimes frightening, keen sense for an “outing”.  Closeted gay celebrity population beware…  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?  He is now seen at as many celebrity events as his namesake Paris, and ratting someone out is a little harder when they’re your bestie, isn’t it?

Where would little Justin Bieber be without YouTube?  Probably in Stratford, working at McDonalds.  Thanks to his mother posting all those videos of him on the internet, his discovery by Usher has made him into the biggest teen idol in the world.  The internet obsession with the Biebs has not ended though.  Striking quite the sour note with a whole lot of people, fabricated stories of his death, fake pornographic photos and other such nonsense pop up online all the time.  Even if they don’t like, people are still talking about him!

YouTube is littered with viral videos.  Nichole337, adorable Japanese dogs, and my personal favourite, Antoine Dodson.  Whether it’s shameless self-promotion, or a news report turned into a ridiculous song, the power of streaming video has really given anyone the ability to become an overnight sensation.  Whether their celebrity status is warranted is up for debate.  Although we help make that decision, sometimes it feels like the opinion of one person doesn’t really change the bigger picture, and you’ve got to admit, that Bed Intruder song is damn catchy.