On this blog, I am always talking about change.  Technology, trends, marketing, fashion.  Change is the only constant in the ever-changing world we live in.  You know what else is changing?  The agency itself, that’s what!  Our fearless leader, Chester Goluch, says “Clients not only measure their agency by results, but also by fresh, new thinking to strategic marketing challenges.”

Enter Anthony Taaffe.  Taaffe is our new Creative Director with a multi-national award-winning resume.  With prominent organizations like Bell Aliant, Moosehead Breweries, and the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, his illustrious track record of success speaks for itself.  This guy knows what he’s doing.  As an added bonus, Taaffe will be reunited with his old writing partner (in crime), Iain Deans.

In the ad business, as in life, it’s all about change.  Rather than foolishly attempting to slam on the brakes and staying put, or coasting along aimlessly hoping things will fall into place. The team at Chester + Company embrace change.  There more exciting things to come, folks.  Stay tuned.  Onward and upward

Luxruy & Technology: Convenience or Status?

DING DING DING DING! First there was the cuckoo and grandfather clocks.  Then came the little metal bedside one.  You know the kind, with the deafening little hammer arm that was pretty much the most intense wake up call in the world.  With the digital (well, analogue digital) world of the 80’s and 90’s came those clocks with horrible red numbers and an alarm that was as uncompromisingly abrasive.  These days, I wake up to the, oh so, pleasant sound of churchbells.

Said churchbells are not coming from the local steeples, but from my beautiful iPhone 4.  Gone are the days when a bedside clock illuminated your room with its red light.  Want to know the time?  Reach over and press the button.  See the time, and for all you smartphone addicts out there, check your email or Twitter.  It’s beyond convenient.  Everything you need in the world is on that magical piece of technology.

Sometimes technology fails.  Does anybody remember the drama that ensued when a little glitch in the iPhone 4’s programming left nearly every user in the world late for work right after New Years Eve?  What a great way to start 2011.  A mad dash into the office, disheveled hair, mismatched shoes.  Even worse, sometimes you fail.  The alarm is set, and everything is good to go, but you’ve overlooked the minor detail of ringer volume.  Another frantic morning awaits when the alarm is so quiet that you sleep right through it.

Gone are the days of Timex and Nokia.  In a world where the only watches seem to be diamond encrusted Rolexes, worn on the wrist of a rap star or an investment banker one can’t help but wonder, are these watches really a timepiece or simply status symbols?  While we all run around with a tiny computer in hand, behaving as though we’re on “London time”, how quickly we forget that these little computers are actually just telephones.  We’ve entered the golden age of technology and luxury, but perhaps the glory days, though a more simple time, were a little more dependable. 

Romancing the Media

The world we live in is ever changing.  Electric cars, new medical technology, robots, even the most frivolous of things like video games seem to be unstoppable, thanks to the swift pace of technological advancement.  At the forefront of the tech-race are the internet and social media.

In their younger days social media sites, like Friendster and Facebook, were used merely to chat or plan parties while teenager’s parents were away.  They have now become a method of interaction among people worldwide.  In the 2011 Arab revolutions and revolts activists used “Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate and YouTube to tell the world.”

Casting your mind back, about 30 years, many of you can remember the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana.  As a televised event, 750 million viewers worldwide bore witness to the exchanging of vows.  In 2011, thanks to the internet and social media, one can only imagine how many viewers the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will draw.   The internet just won’t shut up about the wedding!  Every 10 seconds it is mentioned online.  The guest list for the Royal Wedding is around 1900 which seems a bit much, but considering this is the future King and Queen, it’s not actually that steep.  While this is the actual guest list for the event, the entire world is invited through a live streaming video feed online.  Estimated “attendance” is several hundred million of their closest friends and relatives.

Whether used as a tool for change, planning that sweet kegger or inviting the entire world to be a part of your special day, social media has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing and an integral part of our lives.