The Best of Halifax: Pin & Win


It’s happening again!  The beautiful world of the Internet has struck us, again, with another exciting piece of social media.  Pinterest!  It’s a pretty basic idea.  As you come across an image you like online, sort into a category board, and “pin-it” on there.  It sounds so easy, because it is!  It’s fun, and a simple way to organize and to share the things that inspire you with the world.  Lucky for you, pinning can also translate into something much more exciting!

Destination Halifax has taken to vast world of Pinterest and are offering you the chance to win a customized dream vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

All you have to do for the Best of Halifax Pin & Win contest is to pin at least 5 images from that represent the experiences you want included in your Best of Halifax vacation package, and voila!  You could be sipping an award-winning NS wine on a tall ship in no time!  Not on Pinterest?  No worries!  Everything can be sorted out here, and you’ll be ready to go.  Welcome to the addictive world of Pinterest and, with any luck, to the beautiful city of Halifax.

Destination Halifax Docks in Subways

We know you’ve been waiting.  That’s what commuters do in subway stations.  Well, we’ve leveraged that insight—and others—to create a new Destination Halifax campaign to take advantage of its media placement:  Toronto subway stations.  Check it out.  Tell us what you think.

 Here’s a sneak preview of all the subway posters.

Added bonus:  on location in Halifax.  Not exactly Mad Men is it?

IGLTA 2011


What is life without a little bit of adventure?  Escaping the mundane day in day out routine you’ve so comfortably settled into is actually much easier than you think.  Hello!  Vacation!!

The international tourism industry is an absolute giant.  Within the industry, there are several sub-markets that have begun collecting steam at an astonishing rate.  One in particular is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) travel market; the topic of the annual International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) Conference held in sunny Fort Lauderdale this year.

Scott Marquardt, our agency’s LGBT Marketing Guru attended this year’s conference and shares a few tidbits.

The conference had over 500 delegates representing 35 countries and an impressive roster of speakers including Google, the United Nations World Travel Organization, and the president of the US Travel Association.

One key message communicated was that the LGBT travel industry is no longer a small niche market. Fort Lauderdale alone plays host to over one million LGBT visitors yearly and they’re not the only ones who have felt the growth in the industry.  Using social media as a platform to launch their Love is in the Air campaign, SAS Scandinavian Air promoted a gay in-flight wedding to a mass audience.  Two million Twitter users heard of the campaign within 65 minutes of its launch.

Another reoccurring theme was the growing connection between internet, mobile technology and how it affects travel and tourism.  With the power of LGBT world community fuelling the fire of all of these industries, the possibilities seem limitless.

Scott Marquardt is an Account Manager at Chester+Company and works with clients such as Rainbow Halifax (Destination Halifax’s LGBT brand) and the Halifax Pride Festival. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Travel Gay Canada (TGC).