Creative that excites, delights and connects with client target groups.  That’s our mantra at the agency.  So it’s icing on the cake that we also excited, delighted and connected with the judges at this year’s ICE Awards, Atlantic Canada’s celebration of great marketing creative.
            Thank you for honouring C+C with 11 awards, the most of any Nova Scotia agency. Thank you to clients who demand exceptional work.  Thank you to the C+C agency teams who make it happen. 
            “The recognition at the ICE Awards is a testament to our commitment and belief in this region,” says Anthony Taaffe, Creative Director.  “Not only do we love the fact that we’re from the East Coast, but we also have the talent and ideas to show that great work can come from here. ”
            Check out what he means below.

A Bit More About Pinterest

Hello again!  In the last blog I posted there was a lot of talk about Pinterest.  People aren’t just talking about Pinterest, they’re using it.

Statistics show that Pinterest usage has grown from zilch in February, 2011 to a staggering 12 million unique visitors and 1.5 million daily logins.  Because of the engaging nature of Pinterest, people aren’t just popping onto the site like they do with Facebook.  Visitors actually stay and browse the site.  The average visit to Pinterest lasts 16 minutes, while a visit to Facebook is around 12 minutes.  16 minutes is like a week and a half in Internet time.  The craziest statistic of all is that Pinterest now delivers more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!

With these statistics in mind, it’s no surprise how successful Destination Halifax’s Best of Halifax Pin & Win contest was.  During 4 weeks, the contest generated over 19,000 pageviews, close to 5,000 photo pins within the Pinterest’s social stratosphere and garnered over 400 followers.  If you’re not a numbers person, I’ll clarify:  I’m pretty sure that’s the most Pinterest Followers of any Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) in Canada.

Pinterest is a cool new way to engage consumers and build your brand
as well as tangible, measurable results. And isn’t that what’s really
all about?

The Best of Halifax: Pin & Win


It’s happening again!  The beautiful world of the Internet has struck us, again, with another exciting piece of social media.  Pinterest!  It’s a pretty basic idea.  As you come across an image you like online, sort into a category board, and “pin-it” on there.  It sounds so easy, because it is!  It’s fun, and a simple way to organize and to share the things that inspire you with the world.  Lucky for you, pinning can also translate into something much more exciting!

Destination Halifax has taken to vast world of Pinterest and are offering you the chance to win a customized dream vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

All you have to do for the Best of Halifax Pin & Win contest is to pin at least 5 images from www.destinationhalifax.com/boh that represent the experiences you want included in your Best of Halifax vacation package, and voila!  You could be sipping an award-winning NS wine on a tall ship in no time!  Not on Pinterest?  No worries!  Everything can be sorted out here, and you’ll be ready to go.  Welcome to the addictive world of Pinterest and, with any luck, to the beautiful city of Halifax.

Destination Halifax Docks in Subways

We know you’ve been waiting.  That’s what commuters do in subway stations.  Well, we’ve leveraged that insight—and others—to create a new Destination Halifax campaign to take advantage of its media placement:  Toronto subway stations.  Check it out.  Tell us what you think.

 Here’s a sneak preview of all the subway posters.

Added bonus:  on location in Halifax.  Not exactly Mad Men is it?

Seeing Halifax Underground

The Toronto subway.  Convenient?  Yes.  Comfortable?  Not really.  Especially during the hot, sweaty summer.   But keep your eyes open.  Destination Halifax is launching a cool, new campaign to lure commuters just like you to glorious Halifax.  Watch for it May 28th at a subway stop near you!