Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Blooms Worldwide

            It’s Spring.  Well, officially it’s Spring.  In Halifax, it’s a little bit snowy and pretty chilly.  In other parts of the world, not so much.  Currently, Japan is in the throes of its busiest annual tourism season: Hanami.

             Hanami (literally, flower viewing) is a Japanese tradition dating back to the 7th century, celebrating the coming of Spring by viewing sakura (cherry blossoms) in bloom.

             In modern Japan, sakura trees decorate nearly every town and city.  For a short week or two, each city has a chance to experience the pink petals dancing in the air and littering the ground.  It’s quite an incredible sight.

             Today, many cities emulate the Japanese tradition of hanami.  Over the years, the Japanese government has given sakura trees, as gifts of good will, to Canada and the United States.  Vancouver, a city with robust Japanese cultural heritage has their very own Cherry Blossom Festival in April, as do Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

             Washington DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival generates $400 million in revenue.  The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is in it’s top 5 tourist attractions.  Now, just think about the impact Hanami has in Japan!


            Creative that excites, delights and connects with client target groups.  That’s our mantra at the agency.  So it’s icing on the cake that we also excited, delighted and connected with the judges at this year’s ICE Awards, Atlantic Canada’s celebration of great marketing creative.
            Thank you for honouring C+C with 11 awards, the most of any Nova Scotia agency. Thank you to clients who demand exceptional work.  Thank you to the C+C agency teams who make it happen. 
            “The recognition at the ICE Awards is a testament to our commitment and belief in this region,” says Anthony Taaffe, Creative Director.  “Not only do we love the fact that we’re from the East Coast, but we also have the talent and ideas to show that great work can come from here. ”
            Check out what he means below.

C+C Make the News With “Know When to Stop” Campaign

Chester + Company’s playful “Know When to Stop” campaign for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week made the news this morning with a full segment on Global’s The Morning Show.
Julia Blakeney and Anna Polatschek from Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation chatted with host Paul Brothers about the campaign and put his responsible gambling knowledge to the test using an iPad app built by the team at C+C.
Check out the clip below and let us know if you’ve seen our ads around town!

The Halifax Mooseheads Sweep the Season and Score the Memorial Cup


You know what I remember, growing up in Halifax? The Halifax Mooseheads theme song.  You know the one:  Slap! Shot! Shoot! Score! You just can’t stop the Moose!  It’s been ages since I saw one of those ads, but to this day, every so often, that song gets stuck in my head.  With just 6 losses and 53 wins, the song was pretty much the theme of the season, for the Mooseheads.
Sunday was the final showdown.  The Mooseheads battled it out against the Portland Winterhawks, Saskatoon.  The final score was 6 – 4, naming Halifax the winners of the Memorial Cup for the first time ever.
First and foremost, we have to give huge congratulations to the Halifax entire team for their phenomenal victory.  They are living proof that dedication and teamwork really does pay off.
Can we talk about Nathan MacKinnon’s title-clinching, open-net goal?  After Portland had shaved Halifax’s lead to just one point in mere minutes, things were, well, let’s just say they were tense.  22 seconds left on the clock and, thanks to that goal, an insurmountable lead.  MacKinnon says he may never score a bigger goal in his career.  Keep your eyes on him.  There is already NHL buzz surrounding the 17-year-old.
Thank you, to the Halifax Mooseheads, for bringing home the Memorial Cup for the very first time.  Here’s to many more wins in the future!

Matt Mackay is ‘Faces’ Best Designer

If you live in Halifax, it’s safe to say you’ve seen Faces magazine around town.  It’s everywhere!  It’s convenient and fun.  It’s a fun way to take a quick look at Halifax nightlife, it’s people and what’s happening in our city.  What’s happening right now, you ask?  Oh, just our very own Matt Mackay being named Best Designer by a public vote!
Matt is a talented designer whose strong connections with music, pop-culture and the urban community brings a refreshing punch to every project he works on.  The people of Halifax have spoken, and they’re singing our tune.  Congratulations, Matt Mackay!

Have a look at Matt’s work on his website www.seamz.ca.