Halifax Pride!

Halifax Pride is upon us, and I, for one, am pumped!  It’s been 25 years.  25 long years of hard work.  Through the good and the bad, the strength and actions of our queer forefathers ring a joyful noise through the community!  Just look how far Halifax, and the entire world, has come in 25 years.

What are you doing to celebrate Halifax Pride this year? Can’t really make up your mind?  Need a little help?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  If you take a look at the Halifax Pride Guide you’ll find an event for every flavor you can think of.
Feel like going the cultured, high-brow route and taking in a little theatre?  Then you can head to one of the shows during the Queer Acts Theatre Festival (July 19-22).  Perhaps you’re more political minded?  You can participate in the first annual Vigil highlighting international LGBT rights.  Or maybe a good night of dancing is in order.  Two words:  Guerilla Gayfare.  Get into your best 80’s outfits, and celebrate 25 years of Pride at the best party in town!

We, at Chester + Company are a proud sponsor of Halifax Pride.  We’re thrilled to be have the opportunity to work on the creative for such a huge milestone.

So, here’s to 25 years of LGBTQ Pride, Halifax!  Let’s all celebrate what was built for us, and keep celebrating and building every year to come!  Happy Pride!